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Whatever you do.  There’s something here for you.


Notecards (5 x 3.5)

Impress everyone with these brightly coloured, tiger print notecards.  There are five bright colours in all – blue, green, orange, pink and yellow and a black and white version.  Each colour has three different styles so you get 18 notecards in all!  As usual they are high printable quality – 300dpi.

Here are previews of the styles in three of the colours.  The first one is an example of a note sent home from school to a parent – fictional of course.  (The downloads not not have a note obviously).

blue with note

green2 pink3

Enjoy!  Download here.

Ps: If you would like one with your name you can contact me with your details at the email given in the TOU you get with this download.