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Doing it the hard way (long post with lots of goodies)

Recently I was featured over at Deanna’s Craft Room.  I was really happy for the exposure that Deanna gave me and was very grateful that she would go through the trouble of printing off and cutting out my flowers!  I realize that many people would not go through the trouble but I have no choice since I do not have many punches and since I like using my own stuff of course.

So for those who, like me, still do it the hard way I got an idea to make it just a tad bit easier.  Since layering is a big deal when it comes to card making,  I made some basic flowers in sets using some gorgeous colour palettes.  All of the colours in the set go so well together that you can create several different flowers using just about any combination.  Just resize some of them, stick a brad or sticker in the middle and presto! – new flower.

The flowers are approximately 3.5 inches each.  In the download you get the individual flowers as well as the ones I put together.


Set 1

Set1-1 Set1-2 Set1-3 Set1-4 Set1-5Set1a

Set 2

Set2-1 Set2-2 Set2-3 Set2-4 Set2-5Set2e Set2d Set2b Set2c Set2a

Set 3

Set3-2 Set3-3 Set3-4 Set3-1 Set3-5Set3c Set3b Set3a



2 thoughts on “Doing it the hard way (long post with lots of goodies)

  1. Lisa, Thank you SO much for your kindness :), I love these fun flowers, and I think you have a great way of creating beautiful and fun artwork! I hope you get a lot of visitors and support, and that when you choose to set up shop, that you will find yourself greatly blessed!


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