Piano Card Tutorial

Here’s a tutorial for how I made this card.

piano cardI took a sheet of cardstock 8/5 x 11 cm.  Holding it landscape, I scored and folded it at the 5.5 mark.

I drew the piano shape by hand and cut it out with a pair of scissors on the open side.  (You can use a rotary cutter to cut several of these at a time if you’d like.)

my piano2I then cut off 1.75cim from the front panel of the card only.  On the inside part that became exposed, I added the keyboard.  (When I made this card I simply googled a keyboard but I have since created my own keyboard in Photoshop).

In order to add the ribbon across, I cut another strip of the red cardstock, attached the ribbon to that, then added it to the bottom of the front panel.  I tied the bow onto that piece of ribbon.

The next step was decorating the top.  You can do this any way you like.  I liked how the same colour medallion looked.  Here are the dimensions.  It was a little bit wider than my usual 5 x 7 cards.

my piano card dimesionsMy keyboard template is here for you to download and use freely for both personal and commercial purposes.  Just right click on the picture and save as.. to your computer.  It can be resized.

My keyboardThank you for your interest.  Enjoy!

ps: If you make this card,  I sure would be happy if I could see your version of it.  Send me a link if you don’t mind.


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