Free Digital Goodies

Enchanted Evening

Well at last, at long last I have some digital freebies for you!  To be honest when you lose everything in a computer crash, it’s hard to build all over again and the number of Photoshop projects I lost is painful.

Another honest admission is that I don’t know why I called this ‘Enchanted Evening’.  There is no ‘enchantment’ in the set and the colours are more royal than enchanted.  Oh well, I didn’t want to delay by creating a new name for it so I now present a very small set of papers and frames.

In one .rar file you will get:

Three glitter curtain, distressed papers:

2   3  1

Three solid, distressed papers:

5  64

Three papers with a faded tree background and a bird in the foreground:  (The tree was taken by me)

12 10 11

Three frames:

frame blue frame green  frame purple

Enjoy!  Click here to download.


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