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The Best Grandparents – Authentique’s Cherish Collection

Hi there,

Today I want to show you my very first album.  I found this tutorial by Shellie Geigle on youtube and used that as my guide for this album.  I found Shellie to be so pleasant and humble and I realize that that attracts me to people on youtube.  Thanks Shellie!

As you can see I used a different set of paper entirely from what Shellie used.  My paper pack was Authentique’s Cherish Collection.  I was actually inspired by the collection to do this album.  So here goes.  Warning: It’s picture heavy.  Faces are blurred out but not too much to spoil the pics.

This is the front cover.  I’ve used the paper and stickers from the collection, flowers and ribbon from my stash, some baby bling from Want2Scrap and a pair of Anna Griffin corners.

The album is closed with a nice, crinkle brown ribbon and I used brown to matt all the layers and pictures.1 front cover

Below is a side view of the front.

2 front cover side view3 spine

This is the spine.  I had a little glitch with the wrap around and got a little warped but it wasn’t altogether ruined.  (That’s what you get for rushing ahead of the tutorial).

On the spine is another Anna Griffin die cut and a sticker from the collection.

Moving on to the first pages.

Page one is the inside front cover.  I did a pocket page and inserted two pictures of my mom holding each of my sons when they were newborn.  I thought that was the perfect was to begin this album.  I used a Martha Stewart deep edge punch here.

“World’s best grandparents” – flip out with pictures of my parents.4 page 1-2

This is the flip out.

5 page 2 flip out

“Everything is better at grandpa’s”  -belly band page on the left

“My bag is packed and I’m going to Grandma’s” –  pocket/ flip out page on the right.

6 pages 3-4

Belly band without the pictures and the flip out.

8 page 4 flip out

“Grandma knows best” on the left and “Things my grandma taught me” belly band page on the right.  On one of the inserts my sons wrote things their grandma taught them.

9 pages 5-6 middle

On the left is a double pocket page with pictures of mom and dad.  Stickers from the collection says “special” and “kindhearted” which suits them just right.

On the right is just a photo page  with “Grandpa taught me…”  My sons wrote: always love God; Be kind to others; Eat all your peas; Trust in prayer; Respect your elders and Remember carfound which is  a private joke shared between them and their grandparents.  Seems to crack them up every time.10 pages 7-8

Double pocket page without the photos.

11 page 8 no pics

These are the last two pages.  The right side is the inside of the back cover.  On the left is a photo page.  “Loving every minute together”.  It features pictures of my boys with their granny.  The photo below shows my younger son dancing with granny at a dinner.

I thought it was quite fitting to end the album with a present day photo of my sons in a lovely Spellbinders die cut frame.

12 pages 9-10

And we’ve reached the end.  That wasn’t so long was it?

I must say thank you to Authentique Paper for this wonderful collection.  It made making this album so very easy.  It is certainly something to cherish.

Back cover.  The End.  Hope you enjoyed this as I did!

13 back cover

Take care,



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