Kindness Abounds

“Better late than never!”

A few years ago I commented on a YouTube video of someone who made cards. Her name is Deanna Gonzales. I was taken in by her pleasantness and her willingness to share other people’s work and products with no bias whatsoever… but mostly, her pleasantness.  She responded to my comment and I eventually became a follower of her blog Deanna’s Craft Room.

As time passed I realized that Deanna had a wealth of information concerning crafting – the tools, the techniques, the different companies and what they offered, the machines and much more.  As a newbie I began to ask questions and Deanna was always so eager to answer and her answers were always very thorough with links to the products she suggested.  Yet, she would always leave room for you to make your own decisions.  We also began to communicate via email.

Deanna has been of great help to me through her videos and with the personal support she has given me.  Invaluable!

Yet it gets better.  Recently we were communicating because I was trying to make a decision concerning buying an electronic cutting machine – the silhouette cameo or the cricut.  I knew that Deanna was the person to offer wise advice.  In our communication I mentioned that I had limited stocks in terms of stamps, inks etc.  Deanna then offered to send me some stuff with no obligations on my part. I was driven to tears.  A few weeks later I picked up a package with stamps, inks and a whole bunch of stuff to use on my crafting journey.

(A small sample of the things Deanna sent me)


Since then I have been able to expand my collection quite a bit and create more and more.  Recently, I was able so send this gift to Deanna.  It in no way expresses my deepest gratitude to her but it’s a start.

Thank you my friend and mentor!

The set contains a scented candle, a picture frame, a card and a magnet.



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