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Monthly Giveaway – March

Hello Readers!  It is better to give than to receive right?  So while I do enjoy receiving I’m sure you do too… especially free stuff so I’m going to give you.

Over on my Facebook page I promised a monthly giveaway so since this is the 2nd Saturday in the month I’ll stick to the 2nd Saturday each month.
Today you can win two post-it note holders: one open, one closed. The closed one comes with a golf pencil.  These can be given as  gifts to teachers or any office worker.  Post it notes are a must have for anyone with a desk!
All you have to do is post your answer below this post and you will win the Post-it notes.  (Man I’m good)  The question is taken from a classic novel.
March giveawayMarch giveaway
And the question is:  *drum roll*
Which character in which story wanted to be called Cordelia because “It’s such a perfectly elegant name.”
Give the name of the character AND the novel.  All the best!

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