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Monthly Giveaway – April

Hi there!  It’s giveaway time again!  Came around fast didn’t it?  Well I’m sure you’re happy about it and so am I.

Today I have two Easter cards for you.  I may as well say up front that I believe Easter is about the death, burial and resurrection on Jesus Christ.  It is a time for humble thankfulness, gratitude and also a time of celebration.

However, for the first card I made a simple, subtle, pastel coloured one and for the second one I made a colourful, bright, celebration card.  Inside of both cards says, “God bless you.”

Here’s card one with the question below:

2017 Easter 02

Question 1: What was the Jewish feast which was being celebrated the week Christ was crucified?

Here is card two with the question below:

2017 Easter

Question 2: “Jesus Of Nazareth The King Of The Jews” was written above the cross.  In what languages was it written?  (Clue: 3 languages)

 Enjoy!  Please post answers here on this blog and not on facebook.  Thank you!

ps:  You may answer ONE QUESTION ONLY.

4 thoughts on “Monthly Giveaway – April

  1. Well usually the winner is the person who answers correctly first so for question 1: Kimiley and question 2: Avind will be collecting the cards. Thanks for playing along everyone.


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