Photoshop Patterns

I try to create pattern packs to match my papers.  They are seamless of course and were created with Photoshop CS5.  I hope they are useful to you:)

Click on images to download.

preview stars


This pack goes with the balloons I created on the Clip-Art page.  There are no papers to match it yet.  The balloons could be found here. These come in several colours.



preview white floral


This is a white floral pattern.  The papers can be found here.




preview polkadotThis is another ‘basic’ pattern pack.  I made it in black, white, grey, brown and navy.  I have found them useful to put on any colour background rather than having several coloured dots on plain backgrounds.  Hope you find them useful too!

Papers are here.

feature template

Here is an ogee pattern pack in several lovely colour combinations.  Enjoy!

Get the ogee papers here.

chevron pattern pack


I have made these patterns in basic colours: white, black, grey, two shades of brown and navy.  I find it easier to put these patterns on coloured backgrounds rather than having several coloured chevrons on plain backgrounds.

Papers are here.


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