Terms of Use

Update as at January 04th 2018:

I have since added pictures of my handmade cards to this site.  These are for inspiration only.  I have gained inspiration from many cards that I have seen online.  However, I try not to copy other people’s cards exactly.  I would appreciate it if you do the same. Thank you for understanding.     C.A.S.E. = Copy and Selectively Edit…. go right ahead!

I have only a few of my candle designs up so far.  I ask that you do not copy these in any way at all.

As at January 30th 2014:

All my files except ClipArt are free to use in both personal and commercial projects.  A TOU file is included with each download which may have additional information.  Please read it as well.  Some items may be marked as personal use only if I use content from someone else.  Please respect this.

ClipArt is for personal use only.

I ask that you please don’t:

Sell, repackage or redistribute ‘as is’ – the digital file must be modified in some way

Re-upload my digital files ‘as is’ to any other site including Spoonflower or other such sites.

Upload any derivative works to any stock image websites.

I would greatly appreciate if you:

Share my creations on your blog/website but please direct others to my blog post for downloading.  Do not share the direct download link.

Give me a shout out to see how you used my work.

Please note:

If I use anything from another site that requires crediting, I would tell you.

For further inquiries and clarification please leave a comment on this page.

Thank You!


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